Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is a specialist skill. Our team is Site Wise accredited to ensure faultless health and safety standards. Our specialist equipment is meticulously maintained to deliver precision work that you can count on. 


Core & Dyna Drilling

Our professional and precision core drilling service allows us to drill holes into concrete in any setting and for multiple purposes - e-bars, plumbing, electrical, telecommunications, drainage holes or venting. We can drill holes ranging from 14 mm to one metre in diameter using specialist core drilling equipment. 


Dyna drilling is carried out for dowels between concrete pours. Dowels are used in expansion joints in concrete, allowing for movement and maximum load transfer across joints. Dyna drilling is also used to break off medium portions of concrete such as on floors and make grooves or channels in concrete.


Wire Sawing

Wire sawing utilises diamond-studded wires for precise and efficient cutting in construction, offering flexibility and accuracy. It is an innovative concrete-sawing technique used for particularly challenging projects where traditional saws are not effective. It's a popular method of cutting large concrete structures or mass where other methods are not practical, such as bridges, removing plinths and staircases.


Concrete Ferro Scanning & Crack Monitoring

We can carry out x-ray or scanning services to locate utilities and conduits or identify voids and concrete deformities; this service is valuable where there are questions concerning the concrete’s integrity, or the site’s history is uncertain. It can save time and avoid costly mistakes. Using specialist equipment, we can monitor movement and assess the potential for ongoing issues or related problems. Our team will advise the best course of action based on collated data and analysed results.


Excavation & Earthworks

We have invested in specialist machinery to prepare your site for construction through excavation, earthworks and site preparation. We provide complete excavation and concrete placing projects.


Demolition & Husqvarna Robot

Our team has extensive experience, completing demolition projects of varying sizes and complexities. We dismantle and remove structures for residential, commercial and industrial projects through environmentally- conscious demolition processes. We are well equipped with our own diggers and dump trucks for easy and cost-effective removal.


Our latest addition to our team and the services we offer is the Husqvarna DXR Remote Demolition Robot. This is a high powered, low weight and functional remote-controlled demolition robot. It is the very latest in demolition machines and the obvious choice for users who want maneuverable yet highly powerful, stable machines with long reach. This robotic machine is designed to perform various demolition tasks, such as breaking down structures, removing & crushing concrete, and debris, and handling hazardous materials, using remote control operations which we can safely operate from a distance .As it runs on electricity it be used indoors and is designed to be easy to manoeuvre, allowing operators to navigate through tight spaces and perform precise movements for efficient demolition work.


With the footprint of the machine, we can drive through 800mm width standard door sizes opening. It will save on manpower as it has a breaker and digger bucket.


The advantages of using a Husqvarna DXR remote-controlled demolition robot include high power combined with a lightweight design, long-reach capabilities, stability during operation, and the ability to perform demanding tasks with enhanced safety, reducing the risk to operators.



Floor, Wall & Wire Sawing

This service allows us to cut through concrete, masonry and brick without damaging the existing structure or slab.  We can cut to install pipes, cables, doorways, windows or create extra space. 


Our floor sawing service allows us to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as residential and commercial floor slabs, asphalt surfaces, and concrete driveways.


Wall Sawing cuts reinforced concrete, brick and other building materials up to 550mm depth in thickness. 


Concrete Grinding, Milling, Scarifying & Scabbling

Our grinding services deliver fantastic results and are perfect for removing existing coatings, the effects of rain damage and levelling out uneven surfaces. We can also address doorway rebates where ease of access is affected.


Our scarifying (also known as milling, scabbling or planing) machinery employs a pummeling action to cut or scar the surface of the concrete. We can effectively create slip-resistant surfaces, profile surfaces for new overlays or coatings, remove loose or deteriorating concrete and level misaligned concrete joints and uneven surfaces. 


Project Management

A commitment to a customer-focused approach has earned our project management team an excellent reputation as trusted and reliable experts within the industry. The team boasts an impressive portfolio of complete projects, all delivered on time and to budget.


Concrete Placing

We are your concrete experts for all projects, large or small. From Driveways, patios and pathways we have you covered.


Driveway Removals & Reinstatements

If you require a driveway renovation, we offer full excavation, removal and reinstatement services and provide a range of finishes, depending on your desired outcome.


Deco Cutting

Decorative saw cutting, also referred to as scoring, offers customers a variety of options for giving concrete aesthetic value. Saw cut patterns create a geometric grid tiled look.

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